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Powerman 5000 tonight.

Anyone out there going?


Behemoth live in Concert beim Out & Loud Festival 2014 in Geiselwind am 30. Mai 2014.

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When you look in books, we learn that Panem was created after wars, natural disasters and political problems. But few know the truth: what was one the United-States was destroy during a giant war against the Olympian Gods and their nemesis the Titans. 

Now the gods have won, peace has come back to earth but left a shatter land where each part of the land needed to work as one to survive. And slowly but surely, Panem became what it is now: an unfair world where the Capitol relax and feast and the district work too hard and starve.

It is not a secret that the Capitol formed the Hunger Games as a punishment to the Districts, but this year the Games exist for a different reason. This year is meant to eliminate a special group of kids, ones that pose a serious threat to the Capitol. Everyone knows how much power the Capitol holds, but what would happen if the Districts found out that the real power was held in the hands of a select few teenagers?

               Context  // Rules // Free spots

This season, Call of the Capitol is hosting a different kind of HGRPG. Inspired by the book series Percy Jackson and the Olypmians, CotC’s 2nd year will be an Olympian-sized crossover. Each District will be sending in demi-gods, or half-bloods, into the arena. But worry not, because you don’t have to have read the PJO series in order to play or understand this year’s Games. Some simple research into Greek mythology would do the trick. As always, we welcome you with open arms and are here for you if you’ve any questions.

THERE IS STIL A LOT OF GOOD FREE SPOT TO BE FILLED. We will keep our application available until August 23th, day of the reaping. IF you ware interested please apply and make publicity around

We can’t wait to see you and… May the GODS be ever in your favor! 

- Eywa and Persephone

unpopular opinion


For some reason or another I just cant seem to get into these bands and probably never will and I don’t see the big deal about them

  • Municipal Waste
  • DRI
  • Type O Negative
  • Ghost BC
  • Mastodon

I can’t think of more but you get the point 

Ditto on Ghost BC and Mastadon, and I’ve tried listening to both. Ghost BC has a really cool image but I don’t see the big deal about the music.

and I think Mastadon is boring and actually fell asleep during their set at Mayhem last year



Ladies and gentlemen, Apprentices and Regents, boys and girls! After repeated use of Bureacratic Condemnation, we have finally signed the contracts for Grand Tribunal 2015!

Grand Tribunal is a Tremere-only annual meeting held (in-game) in Dallas, Tx, in Councilor Meerlinda’s Chantry. This year, the event will be hosted by Columbus in Darkness on October 24 and 25th, 2014.
The event will start at 5PM EST and run until 10PM EST both Friday and Saturday nights. The location is Blendon Masonic Lodge #339; its address is 130 South State Street, Westerville, OH 43081. Cost for the event will be $20

A block of 20 rooms has been held for us at the Ramada Columbus North. When reserving a room let them know that you are with One World by Night. Rooms will be $79 a night, and have two Queen beds, a microwave and refrigerator, and comes with complimentary breakfast. The hotel’s address is 6767 Schrock Hill Court, Columbus, OH 43229. Their phone number is (614) 890-8111.

For those of you interested in attending the best roleplaying event in OWbN, look no further! “But Alex,” you say. “I don’t play a Tremere!” No problem! We have numerous Non-Player Characters for non-Tremere to play.

Any questions can be directed to tremerecoordinator@gmail.com. Please include [Grand Tribunal 2014] in the subject line so that they do not get buried under my other Coordinator work.

Now I know where to find you Usurpers… 

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I’m so proud of this thing


I’m so proud of this thing

The most important question of the day, werewolves or vampires?

—Curtis Rx (via villainsandvaudevillians)

First Static-X and Powerman 5000 announce they’re touring together in the fall.

Then Dope starts leaking new material.


Dark Deer em We Heart It.


Dark Deer em We Heart It.